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The ONE Method® You've Always Wanted

Here it is!  Your owner's manual for life.  Your personalized roadmap.


How do you live your life from day to day, week to week, month to month, and year to year?  What are your life goals? Are you accomplishing them?  Think about it.  Or is that the problem?  Do you need a new way to think and guide yourself through life?


The ONE Method® will help you define who you are, discover what you want, and determine how to get it. It is a comprehensive and innovative approach to living a strategic and values-driven life of greater balance, meaning, organization, and productivity.  The method — a powerful blend yet simplification of theoretical principles and practical techniques — empowers you to assess, plan, live, and own life as you define it.


The ONE Method® guides you across all life areas . . . spiritual, personal, professional, involvement/service, and leisure.  It is a method that isolates your everyday “ordinaries” (those things you want and have to do in life) and combines them into something more “extraordinary” (the person you want to become).  It provides the training, tools, techniques, and resources to a more proactive and purposeful you.


It can be your ONE method for life!


small steps = BIG RESULTS

There is tremendous untapped potential in most of our lives as there is so much to do and so little time in which to do it.  And it is only getting worse.  Our lives are constantly busy with family, work, friends, community, activities -- and with technology and continuous connectivity.  At the same time, we are always comparing ourselves to others and coming up short.  We constantly do, and do, and do -- just to keep up.


People everywhere wonder why others seem to do with ease what is so difficult for them to do:

·   Everyone else seems more successful, happy, and stress free

·   Others’ lives seem more organized and put together

·   Friends exercise more and lose weight faster – and keep it off

·   Neighbors raise healthy, productive, and respectful children


These comparisons and misplaced energies often surface in all dimensions of our lives – spiritual identity, personal/family management and well-being, professional activity, community involvement, and leisure or recreation.  They surface at all ages, during all stages, and in all phases of life.  What can we do . . . today, tomorrow, and beyond?


The truth is – there is no easy answer and no single path to creating a better reality.  While many of us know what we want out of life, we do not always plan and do the ordinary things in a manner that will get us the extraordinary results we desire.  Our lives are caught up in everyday tasks and we seldom get or make time to focus on the inspirational person we seek to become or the values that support the life we want to lead.  We are constantly reacting to life instead of living it proactively -- and our children are learning to do the same.


What if we could stop this trend?  What if we could put a method in place to better manage all of our everyday “musts” with our someday “inspirations” while also remaining true to our core?


We can!  Small steps can equal BIG results!


ONE method. UNLIMITED possibilities.


The ONE Method® is for You!

It is for anyone, anywhere, at anytime, for anything.

It is for any age, stage, or phase in life.

It is for you -- the whole you!

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